Jesus Christ Eternally Refreshing

But when Ordinary peered around a leaf, he didn’t see a Giant obstacle, but a mighty Being. “Hail, brave Warrior!” the Being called out. “Who, me?” Ordinary asked in a small voice. “Yes. You behind that bush.” “I’m no Warrior,” mumbled Ordinary, stepping out from behind the bush. “I’m a Nobody from the Land of Familiar,” he said. “Every Nobody who comes this far is a Warrior,” said the Being. “I’m the Commander. The Dream Giver sent me to help you defeat your Giants.

– An excerpt from the book The Dream Giver 

Do you feel like Ordinary? Do you hide from your giants? Well you might be afraid of your giants (everything that is bigger than you in your life, like your overwhelming boss at work or that situation in your life that seem like it has a strangle hold on your life) but God is your Commander who…

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