What the First Words of the Torah, New Testament and Quran Say About their Religions

In a God Who Could Dance...

As I was reading through the Quran earlier I noticed a beautiful trend of relationships that all three religions seem to emphasize, or at very least can be teased out, from the very first words they use in their texts.  I invite my various religious friends and everyone else who reads this to give me their own understandings (disagreeing or agreeing with me) on these key introductions.  Let me start in the order they are written.


The Torah – Bereshit, בראשית, is the first book of the Torah and called Genesis in English.  The very name comes from the first concept expressed in the book: “In The Beginning.”  However, the first few words I’d like to look at now are “In the beginning God created.”  This is the full meaning of the English term ‘genesis,’ which implies

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