“Home on the Range” cowshare update, from Gordon Watson, British Columbia

The Bovine

Naomi Fournier of Birdsong cowshare in Enderby BC with "Blossom".

Special to The Bovine, Oct. 10, 2008, BURNABY, BC, by Gordon Watson of Bovinity:

The situation with our raw milk dairy, is as follows:

Starting in May 2007, with one cow our herd has grown to 13 cows in milk, today, plus five other cows and calves in the field. Our herd is all-Jersey plus one Guernsey.   Home on the Range looks after them as they supply about 40 gallons per day of fluid milk, along with yogurt, butter, butter oil, cream cheese, and colostrum when available, to 200 households. It may be that we’re the largest raw milk herdshare in Canada.

Unbeknownst to us, in June of 2008, officials from the BC Centre for Disease Control, and the provincial Health and Agriculture Ministries, had heard about our raw milk dairy, and decided we had to be stopped. As revealed in their internal e-mails – which I obtained via…

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