The Cause of Suffering

New Heaven on Earth!

The cause of suffering seems to stem from a case of mistaken identity. We mistake our ego for our true identity as divine spiritual beings. The mistaken identity separates us from our conscious connection, communication and communion with our Source and the flow of the higher life force energy of wholeness, abundance and alive peaceful joy.

Thoughts are energy. Spirit is also energy; higher vibration = spirit; lower vibration=negative pole of ego/unclean spirits. Thus thoughts are spirits: lowest, dark thoughts= negative ego/unclean spirits; highest, light-filled thoughts = Spirit. The energy of the ego is limited. The way of thinking (energy or spirit) of the ego weighs us down and drains our energy. Thoughts of the ego are the energies of worry, fear, doubt, sadness, anger, irritation, discouragement, distrust, confusion and disillusionment . The mistaken identity is the ego, the fallen consciousness of lack and limitation. The ego is the sheep…

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