Luke 2:10 (KJV) ~ And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

My thought for today

Tidings of great joy, now there is an old-fashioned statement rich with meaning. God brings you tidings of great joy, not just tidings of joy, but great joy. There is something to celebrate; Jesus was born to save you from your sins, to deliver you from the grasp of the enemy and set you free. He was born a King, He was born the Messiah, He was born Christ the Lord. 

The Greek word for tidings is euaggelizo meaning to announce good news, preach the gospel, declare the word of God. And that is exactly what the angels did on the very night that Christ the Lord was born.

What great joy it is to be saved from your sins, to have a Saviour born unto us who was the greatest expression of God’s love for us. This baby, this Saviour, was God’s gift to the world not…

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Gatekeepers! Watchmen! You are to speak out (The Lord has called you out to be Bold today)

Ancient Paths

Gatekeepers have three primary roles

  1. To protect the Lord’s house.  This means they defend the gospel, the truth of the Word and Protect the holiness of God’s house. Their hearts are on fire with the Fear of the Lord. They want the Lord’s house to be a house of Prayer and they are not content until they see the Lord’s will come to place. The gatekeeper protects the House. They know the scriptures well and are full of understanding. They are bold to speak out against the sins of the church- even if it means they will be mocked, hated or even kicked out of the church. They stay close to the House of the Lord
  2. They keep the Lord’s people on the right path, keeping them from drifting from the Lord. As a staff or sheepdog would keep the sheep together from straying, so the role of gatekeeper is the same…

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Snowball or stacking? How to pay off your credit card debt

Global News

TORONTO – Last week we talked to personal finance experts about the biggest money mistakes Canadians make. Ringing up consumer debt on credit cards and not paying them off in full topped the list of mistakes we make that could cripple us financially.

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The numbers are significant: for every dollar that Canadians earn, we owe $1.63 to credit card companies, banks and other lenders. The average family carries $20,759 in debt, without factoring mortgage debt.

One of the first steps to getting on track financially is to pay off your credit card debt, but just how to do that isn’t always straightforward. If you have multiple credit cards and multiple debts, where do you start?

We asked experts to weigh in on the different strategies for paying off credit card debt.

Pay off the highest interest cards first

Debt “stacking” is…

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How record low interest rates are helping us pay off our mortgages faster

Financial Post

Record low interests rates are helping Canadians pay off their debt faster, but cheap borrowing costs are not enough to overcome the red hot housing sector, according to a new survey.

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals says 35% of Canadians were able to bump up their payments in the last year, some of them taking advantage of a renewed loan at a lower interest rate. That lower rate allows them to apply more of their monthly payment to principal as opposed to just interest.

“There are people comfortable with what their payments are when they are renewing and [the lower rate] becomes an additional payment,” said Jim Murphy, chief executive of CAAMP.

A $250,000 mortgage at 4%, amortized over 25 years, has a monthly mortgage payment $1,315.06 but if you lower the rate to 3% — the going rate on a five-year rate mortgage — your monthly payment…

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Ancient carved ivory portrait of a Cro Magnon man.

Mathilda's Anthropology Blog.

From Brno in Chzechoslovakis, found 1891.

This carved head in ivory is dated to about 26,000 years old. It seems to depict a man with very heavy brows, long straight hair. it’s thought that he may have been the top of a staff, with his long hair curled around it.

A link to more detailed information is here.

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