Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

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The Cardinal:

a magnificent bird with a life span of up to 15 years. Said to symbolize hope, joy, health, rejuvenation and celebration. Especially to the ones who look beyond in search of their meaning. For those who choose to hold the Cardinal dear – you are a special type of person – rare, energetic, and always willing to care for those in need.

Maureen Heyburn wearing her heart.

When Maureen Heyburn moved from Washington Heights, NY to New Jersey, it was like moving to the country. Through the kitchen window, she would spend her time getting lost in the nature around her. Not a single creature passed her sight unnoticed or unappreciated. She was full of excitement over every one of them, but she always talked about a little red bird in particular and how beautiful she found it to be. The excitement she had when she saw the…

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Rabbi Cliff's Blog

523856_373714936005115_545773433_nParshat HaShavua:

Vayechi (ויחי | He lived)


Rabbi Cliff Maynard

Senior Rabbi, The Rock Of Israel Congregation

Vice President, National Jewish Fellowship Of The AG

TheTalmud states:

The righteous, even in death are called living…whereas the evil, even while alive, are called dead. (Brochos 18a)

So how does this apply to Parshat Vayechi, especially considering Vayechi means “He Lived,” in reference to Jacob? The statement from the Talmud and the name Parshat Vayechi seems even a little more off kilt, considering this parsha tells the story of the death of Jacob, then shortly followed by the death of Joseph. Nevertheless, The statement from the Talmud fits the patriarch Ya’akov, and his son Yo’sef very well, as they were both righteous men.  Their righteous lives still speak to us today, as the words jump off the pages of Torah and into our hearts.

I am enamored with the…

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5 Lessons on Obedience You May Have Missed In the Book of Joshua



As I was preparing to speak to the Adult Sunday school group at my church on the subject of obedience as it can be found in the Book of Joshua, I feared this would be a difficult task. When I think of the Book of Joshua, I think of the Israelites going into Canaan and taking over the place and all its inhabitants, and then dividing their new promised land (present day Israel) among all the tribes. That’s what this book is about in a nutshell, so where will I find stuff about obedience? In the few chapters (5–7) assigned to me to speak about, I was surprised to find at least 5 ways we can extrapolate practical lessons on obedience.

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Day 4 at Curly Willow Farm or Making a Living

Canadian Food Roots

Doug in the little Garden at Curly Willow Farm
Curly Willow Farm really is an ideal place for Wwoofers to learn a lot about farming and live with a wonderfully welcoming family. Doug will only take one Wwoofer at a time and prefers longer stays. This allows people new to farming to get a really good grasp of the skills they need and to put them into practice. It also makes sense for those Wwoofers with weaker English language skills because in larger groups they might get a bit lost, but here they get one on one attention. Anna Sparks from Glen Valley recommended that I came here as she and her family have been involved with this farms activities for some time.

Doug Saba manages 3 acres of mixed fruits and vegetables virtually by himself and there is hardly a weed in sight. He is also a very frugal man and believes that the best way to make…

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