Day 4 at Curly Willow Farm or Making a Living

Canadian Food Roots

Doug in the little Garden at Curly Willow Farm
Curly Willow Farm really is an ideal place for Wwoofers to learn a lot about farming and live with a wonderfully welcoming family. Doug will only take one Wwoofer at a time and prefers longer stays. This allows people new to farming to get a really good grasp of the skills they need and to put them into practice. It also makes sense for those Wwoofers with weaker English language skills because in larger groups they might get a bit lost, but here they get one on one attention. Anna Sparks from Glen Valley recommended that I came here as she and her family have been involved with this farms activities for some time.

Doug Saba manages 3 acres of mixed fruits and vegetables virtually by himself and there is hardly a weed in sight. He is also a very frugal man and believes that the best way to make…

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