Snowflakes of 2015!

Amazing Snowflakes!!! 🙂

The Campbells Are Coming

It’s Christmas decorating time at work for me and that means I’ve been busy making paper snowflakes for the front window like last year.  The thing is, last year I started to get bored with the designs (I have a very hungry brain), so I decided they were like testers, practice, and I’d step it up for the next time with what I learned.  I need challenges!


For the blue ones, the bottom left was made by one of my roommates and top left by her friend one evening.  It was so unexpected and entertaining how interested they were in the process.


And my favourites.  Last years transformers snowflake inspired me to figure out some other potential themes and this is what happened. These were all white because this paper is ever so slightly thinner than the coloured, making it a bit easier to cut through all of the layers…

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