ADVISORY: Blue-Green Algae bloom found on Charlie Lake…

PJXM Northern BC Police News

FORT ST. JOHN, BC: A blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom is suspected in various Northern BC lakes, including Charlie Lake, therefore, Northern Health has issued an Advisory to stay out of the lake until further notice. Below is a list of Northern BC lakes affected by the Blue-Green algae blooms…

Current lakes under the advisory include:

  • Charlie Lake (Fort St.John)
  • Bednesti/Berman Lakes (Prince George)
  • Nulki Lake (Prince George)
  • West Lake (Prince George)

Residents living near the shores of these lakes, as well as visitors to these lakes, are advised to take the following precautions: 

  • Avoid all contact will blue-green algae blooms. If contact occurs, wash with tap water as soon as possible
  • Do not swim or wade (or allow your pets to swim or wade) in any areas where blue-green algae is visible.
  • You can safely consume fish fillets from this lake, but should limit your consumption of whole fish and…

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