HGE – getting to the “bloody” bottom of it

The Sleepless Veterinarian

There has been a recent spate of dogs being diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis at our practice. While bloody diarrhoea may be a sign of parvovirus, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease, this is not always the case.   Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) is a distinct clinical condition which generally has a far better outcome than parvovirus, especially when treated appropriately. But there are many causes of bloody diarrhoea and all must be investigated to ensure your pet gets appropriate care in a timely manner

HGE is a disease that tends to occur unexpectedly in healthy dogs. The cause is often unknown, though stress may play a role as may dietary allergens and bacterial toxins. Signs may be vague initially and your dog may be off its food, lethargic, potentially nauseous and/or vomiting, and may be passing bloody diarrhoea. Sometimes they are sick enough to warrant veterinary attention before the diarrhoea has…

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