Cinnamon Bun… with a twist

Sharing The Food We Love


This is a much loved recipe of mine.   I fell in love with these cinnamon buns (bullar) in Sweden back in my teens when I lived there.  The spiced soft bread with the crunchy sugary bits were delish with coffee and a staple in every home I visited in the year that I lived in Sweden.  They are an essential part of morning or afternoon tea, taken on hikes, cross country skiing, or even just in the comfort of someones home.   Even now I’ll break out this recipe at least once a year for one reason or another.  They freeze well, have a great wow factor, and I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t like them.

The specific inspiration for making it this time was actually a posting I discovered on Pinterest.

cinnamon bun

I would normally make these in the traditional small snail style, but seeing this magnificent  loaf…

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