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Catherine Cookson, the UK’s most widely read novelist, has sold over 123 million books – which means she has marginally more readers than Planet Property.

Although born in 1906, she didn’t publish her first novel until 1950 – there’s hope for us all yet! – but after that there was no stopping her, and she published almost 100 before her death in 1998.

Cookson came to Hastings in 1929 to run the laundry at Hastings Workhouse, and bought this house in 1954.

“As we made our way down the drive we knew immediately that we wanted it,” she told her biographer Piers Dudgeon.

Cookson wrote many of her novels in the study here, and lived a fairly reclusive life far from the London literary circuit. She sold up and returned to Newcastle some years before she died.

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No Higher Calling chords (Lenny Leblanc)


      G            Bm7     C2
      Down at your feet, O Lord
             D    D7   G
      Is the most high place
              Bm7       C2
      In your presence, Lord
         Cm         G
      We seek    your face
         D#         G
      We seek   your  face

      G/B        C        D
         There is no higher calling
      Bm7        Em7
      No greater honor
      Than to bow
          D             G7     Dm
      And kneel before the throne
         C             D
      Im amazed at your glory
          Bm7          Em7
      Embraced by your mercy
      O Lord
        D            G
      I live to worship you

this song has been stirring my heart.

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