Jesus’ Example of Vulnerability

The Wilkey Way

I have been reading through a couple of books lately, one being Strong Women Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart. I picked it up at a conference bookstore that we went to in December and I have to confess I was relunctant to read it at first. Although I love a good book on how to be a more Godly woman, this one reminded me of the stereotypical, more like “self help” rather than hard Biblical truth, books for women that leave you with a a couple of actions points and a warm fuzzy. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Paula (used undoubtedly by the Lord) has challenged me to examine my heart in several areas. Today, it was the area of vulnerability. I’ve been in small group Bible studies long enough to hear it said over and over that vulnerability is good and the only way for a small group…

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H2O Mop Ultra is green, safe eco-friendly way to clean your kids toys

What I like

H2O mop Ultra is a tree in one steamer which use only the power of water (h2o) for cleaning. The steamer hit the water and create power steam of steams that can clean dirt, remove stains and kill germs with out using any chemicals dangerous detergent. The H2o mop ultra has 3 functions in one machine:

  1. floor steamer

  2. carpet steamer (you just need to add the carpet glide which come with the steam mop)

  3. hand-held steamer

I find the hand-held steamer great for cleaning and disinfecting my kids toys. I feel safe knowing they won’t touch or lick any chemicals of their toys after I clean them. I also like to clean the floor with h2o mop steamer, so when my baby curl on it no dangerous chemicals getting in her mouth.

You can find more details here:

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